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VA home loan guaranties are issued to help eligible Servicemembers, Veterans, reservists and certain unmarried surviving spouses obtain homes, condominiums, and manufactured homes, and to refinance loans. A VA guaranty helps protect lenders from loss if the borrower fails to repay the loan.



In addition to the periods of eligibility and conditions of service requirements, applicants must have a good credit rating, sufficient income, a valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE), and agree to live in the property in order to be approved by a lender for a VA home loan.

VA Loan Information

VA Loans can be used to obtain a loan to:

0% Down

One of the last 0% home loans on the market today are VA Loans. Call us to take advantage of them. This type of home loan is only available to eligible veterans.

Up to 20% Loan

Conventional loans usually require down payments that can reach up to 20%  in able to secure a home loan. This pushes them out of reach for many homebuyers.


VA Loans are backed by the government. VA Loan do not require you to buy Private Mortgage Insurance.

PMI Required

Private Mortgage Insurance is a requirement for borrowers who finance more than 80% of their home’s value, which will tack on additional monthly expenses.

Competitive Interest Rates

The VA gives a guarantee to lenders a greater degree of flexibility and safety which means a more competitive mortgage rate than non -VA loans.

Increased Risk For Lenders

Without government backing, banks are take on more risk which can result in less competitive interest rates on your home loan.

Easier To Qualify

Since the government backs the VA Loans the banks assume less risk so the qualification standards for a VA Loan are less stringent makes these type of loans easier to obtain.

Qualification Procedures

Conventional options will have stricter qualification procedures that can put homeownership out of reach for some homebuyers.

California Bureau of Real Estate, License #01904009 • Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS), License #806124



  Loan Comparisons

Conventional Loan

VA Loan

  1. Buy or build a home.
  2. Buy a residential condominium unit.
  3. Buy a residential cooperative housing unit.
  4. Repair, alter, or improve a residence owned by the Veteran and occupied as a home.
  5. Refinance an existing home loan.
  6. Buy a manufactured home and/or lot.
  7. Install a solar heating or cooling system or other energy efficient improvements

  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum VA loan?

Although there is no maximum VA loan (limited only by the reasonable value or the purchase price), lenders generally limit the maximum VA loan to $417,000.

Does a veteran's home loan entitlement expire?

No. Home loan entitlement is generally good until used if a person is on active duty. Once discharged or released from active duty before using an entitlement, a new determination of their eligibility must be made based on the length of service and the type of discharge received.

Can I use the VA Loan for a second home or rental properties?

No. The VA Loan is designed only for primary residences that are occupied by the owners of the properties.

Do I need to occupy the property if purchased with a VA Home Loan?

The law requires that you certify that you intend to occupy the property as your home. This requirement is considered satisfied if you actually intend to occupy the property as your home and in fact so occupy it when the loan is closed or within a reasonable time afterwards.