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The definition of testimonial is a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications. A character reference, a letter of recommendation, "a glowing testimonial" or a public tribute to someone and to their achievements.



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Mark and his team really pulled off a miracle for us. I will never go anywhere else, they go above and beyond. We are so happy with our purchase and they made the very stressful process very smooth and even got us closed before the Holiday weekend. The best!!! Tiffany V. of Westminister, CA.  As seen on Yelp

Mark and his team have helped me secure two different loans and homes in the past! My first one was back in 2009, and then again last year. He does everything he can to make sure the deal goes through! A bunch of my friends and myself have all got our loans and homes through Mark. A great guy and great company. Alex M of Menifee, CA. As seen on Yelp

Our re-fi was easy and so effortless. Lee Snyder responded to each question immediately and with full explanation to our inquires. So courteous and knowledgeable in every aspect of his business. We especially appreciated him giving us all our options that were available to us. He is our go-to-guy past and present for all our real estate needs. Honest, and forthright. Closed Refinance Loan, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. As seen on Zillow

My experience in working with Lee Snyder was excellent. He was extremely professional, personable, and thorough in all of our dealings. I would strongly recommend working with him to anyone interested in purchasing a home. I will use Mr. Snyder in all of my future real estate transactions. I completely trust Lee's judgement and found him to work in my best interest. Closed Purchase Loan. As seen on Zillow

Lee Snyder is Awesome. He is trustworthy and always has his client’s best interest in mind. At the end of the house buying process, I considered him a member of the family. Closed Purchase Loan, Temecula, CA. As Seen on Zillow

Mark and his team have been a huge blessing to our family. We were referred to Mark Woelky in early 2009, when our family was facing a challenging home buying situation. I was convinced that my family was at a loss, and that it would take a miracle to change things around. So, I called up Mark and expected to get the typical feedback ( you know where you get that feeling like you are too much work and are getting brushed off), but instead I was shocked. He had answers, he had solutions!! He guided me through everything, and overpowered every doubt that I had. Now, I have a personality that I double check everything, and ask a lot of questions. My trust is hard to come by, and giving other people my word that someone or something is worth their time and hard earned money is even harder to come by. Mark and his team have earned that!!! I have come to Mark for a 3rd time to do yet another loan for me last month, and love the fact that he makes it a smooth process and that I can sit back and relax knowing I am in good hands. For all his hard work and superior knowledge of lending, I have excitedly referred countless friends and coworkers to Mark over the years. Hard cases and all, he has made them ALL homeowners. Thank you, Mark, for all you have done for my family, my friends, and my coworkers. You are truly amazing! Amy M of Wildomar, CA. As seen on Yelp


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